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Botanical name: Artemisia abrotanum

Dimensions of the 9 L Air-Pot container are 269 mm diameter × 275 mm high.

Southernwood is an attractive, sprawling and very aromatic shrub with pest-repelling properties. Certainly nothing goes near it, and it is one of the most pest- and disease-free plants I have!

Branches of dried leaves were traditionally used to protect woollen clothes from moths, and sprays made from its leaves can repel aphids, cabbage moths and butterflies, slugs and snails. Leaves placed across ant trails deter ants.

If you have chooks, break off sprigs and add to their nesting box straw to get rid of lice. Rub the leaves through dogs’ coats to repel fleas.

Several of these spaced out about 50 cm apart will grow into a roughly 1 m high hedge, which may protect a dog kennel against fleas, the chook house against lice or a low-lying garden bed against ants, cabbage moth, aphids and stink bugs.

An added bonus is its attractive silver foliage and beautiful aroma!

This particular listing is sold as a feature plant by an entrance to deter pests. Please see the Related Items below this listing if you are after several smaller plants to grow as a low hedge around chook runs, dog kennels or your garden beds. If these are listed as out of stock or of low numbers, please get in touch as I can grow any number to order.

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